SLP-300 Specifications

  Video recording system:
  Video Signal:
  Storage temperature:
  Operating temperature:
  RF output signsl:
  Power requirements:
  Power consumption:
Rotary two-head helical scanning
EIA standards, NTSC colour
-10C to +65C(14F to +149F)
0C to 40C (32F to 104F)
RF OUT: F-type connector Channel 3 or 4 (depending upon
the selected operating channel of the RF Unit)
75-ohms, unbalanced
120Vac 10%, 50/60Hz
11 kg (24lb, 4oz)
344 x 148 x 353 mm (13 1/2 x 5 7/8 x 13 7/8 inches) (w/h/d)
  Horizontal resolution:
  Signal-to-noise ratio:
VIDEO OUT: BNC connector 1.0V (p-p), 0.1P p-p,
75-ohms, unbalanced, sync negative
Monochrome: more than 300 lines
Color: more than 240 lines
Better than 43dB
  Frequency response:
  Signal-to-noise ratio:
  Audio distortion:
AUDIO OUT: mini jack Less than 2k-ohms -5dBs
(100K-ohm load), unbalanced, HEADPHONES: 8-ohms
50Hz to 10KHz 3 dB
Better than 45dB
Less than 3% (at 333Hz)
(Tape transport)
  Tape speed:
  Playing time:
  Fast-forward time:
  rewind time:
4.0 cm/sec.
60 min. (with Sony L-500 videocassette)
Within 3 min.(L-500)
Within 3 min. (L-500)


RF Unit (channel 3 or 4, selectable, built into the player)
External Antenna Connector EAC-20W (75-ohm to 300-ohm matching transformer)
75-ohm coaxial cable (1.5 m, 0.5m)
Antenna Selector ANS-20


Auto search control unit RM-300
Remote Control RM-420
Digital Timer DT-32